Transfer Prescription Refills To Foothills Pharmacy

Foothills pharmacy is highly rated when it comes to professionalism and providing top-notch services to our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure all your medical needs are met to a high standard. All aspects of our business are certified by the proper authorities. Foothills pharmacy is geared towards becoming the best in our field of business. You are in good hands when you choose us.

Transferring your prescription refills to our pharmacy ensure you will never have to worry about running out of medicine anymore. Our pharmacy will ensure that you get your prescription early enough so that it is easy to manage your condition. You can visit us at E Chandler Blvd, suite #100, Phoenix, Arizona or call 877-496-2924 to make inquiries or request a transfer.


Why do people transfer to other pharmacies?

  • New neighborhood: shifting to a new place means numerous changes have to be made like a change of school or shopping mart. Changing pharmacy is no exception. You will need a local pharmacy that makes it easier to access your medications anytime you need them.
  • Competitive prices: sometimes having a medical condition like diabetes that requires you to take medicine long-term can take a toll on your finances. Finding a pharmacy that has a fair price on medicine helps to boost savings for future medication.
  • Better services:  excellent customer service is vital to keeping clients in any business. If a patient feels their needs are not being taken care of as they should, they may decide to transfer. Examples of bad service include delayed refills whereby a patient misses a dose because they didn’t get the medicine in time or slow employees at the pharmacy whereby a patient waits for a long period of time without being attended to.
  • Need for advanced services: this mostly applies to pharmacies that do not offer compounding services. A patient might need specialized medicine to cater to their medical requirement or specific preference. They will need to look for a pharmacy like foothills to help them get medicine in the right dosage, flavor, or form through compounding.

We will require you to call or visit our pharmacy to let us know you need your prescription to be transferred to our pharmacy. We will need the name of the medicine you are taking and the name and phone number of your current pharmacy so that we can contact them to get your prescription details. We also contact your physician in case your prescription has run out of refills. We will also require some personal details like your name, age, address, and date of birth. It takes one or two days to have the transfer complete and your prescription ready. Foothills pharmacy also offers free delivery services for your refills to your home or office.


What makes us the best?

  • Our staff is top rated when it comes to offering services to our clients. Maintaining our patients is our top priority. We have poured all our energy into ensuring maximum client satisfaction through offering the highest quality products and services.
  • We are licensed in over 23 states. We have spread our reach to ensure that more and more people get to experience the best out of pharmacies
  • We undergo regular inspections from the state board of pharmacy to ensure that foothills pharmacy is in compliance with the requirements for pharmacies.
  • We are a full-service pharmacy. We offer prescription medicine to individuals and institutions, we offer compounding services to people who would like specialized medication to fit their preferences, and we also assist obese and overweight people in reducing and managing their weight for life through medical weight loss.
  • We conduct independent 3rd party testing of our products to ensure they work effectively; they are of high quality and safe for consumption.
  • All our drugs are made from top pharmacy quality chemicals that are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • We have a state of the art research laboratory that is fully equipped with the latest technologically advanced equipment.

Foothills pharmacy is the best choice when it comes to selecting a good pharmacy for your prescription refills. When you create an alliance with foothills pharmacy, the best pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona, you join a community that is motivated towards providing the best quality in care at affordable prices while still keeping up with the ever-evolving medical world.