How Does Foothills Pharmacy Stand Out Against Others?

Initial Patient Interview

  • Patients get called by highly trained specialists to ensure patient-doctor relationships and specialized therapy is warranted.
  • We take our time to get to know our patients and their specific disease state

Medication Therapy Management

  • We make sure our patients understand the therapy they are receiving, how their medications should be used, and how to enhance compliance to achieve full therapeutic benefit
  • We call our patients a few weeks into their therapy to insure full compliance and understanding

Prior Authorization Facilitation

  • Our team of trained professionals are well versed in working with different insurance companies to get medications approved for our patients in a quick and timely manner

Copay/Financial Assistance Coordination

  • We work with a variety of manufacturers and non-profit organizations who provide patient assistance programs to help decrease out of pocket costs for patients
  • Our team of scientists are constantly finding therapeutically equivalent alternatives that are more affordable for our patients yet just as effective

24/7 Access To A Pharmacist On Call

  • Our Pharmacist are availabe around the clock, simply call the phone number on your bottle, leave a message if after hours and you will receive a call back within the hour.

Proactive Refill Reminders By Phone And Mail To Encourage Compliance

  • Our automated service will send you a call or text reminder that your refill is due, or have it placed on auto-fill and we will make sure you never run out of your medications
  • We also send out customized letters reminding our patients that refills are due

Strong Provider Relationships

  • We work closely with your provider and will do everything in our power to make sure the therapy is adequate for your needs
  • We recommend changes in therapy when warranted to optimize patient outcomes

Compliance Is Convenient

  • We always keep specialty medications in stock
  • We have direct relationships with multiple manufacturers thus allowing us access to many limited distribution drugs
  • Our patients do not need to leave their homes to be taken care of…we provide complimentary delivery straight to their doorstep
  • Refills can be done through any smart phone, computer, over the phone or put your prescription on auto-fill