Compounding Medications for Cream, Ointment, Gel, Solutions, Suspensions and Suppositories


Cream, Ointments, Gel, Solutions, suspensions, and suppositories are the most favored medications for topical medication. It might seem as simple as an application on body surface when we need to treat ailments but topical medication like every other medication requires a prescription.

This is not simple to access such creams, ointments, gels, solutions, suspensions, and suppositories without approaching a licensed pharmacy to get these medications to you.

A compounding pharmacy is a combination of modern technology and continuous growth in medical knowledge. In regards to medications for creams, ointment, gel, solutions, suspensions, and suppositories, this practice allows the various specific needs of different patients to be met. We create the compound medication for creams, ointments, gels, solutions, suspensions, and suppositories so that every patient is given a customized medication that beats the limitation of commercially produced drugs. This ensures a better response for clients and reaps better health benefits.

We have Compounding Professionals:

We, At Foothills Pharmacy, have compounding professionals that are able to prepare to customize dosage to suit your needs. These customize dosages are the best medication doses that you can get anywhere. Some of our medications that are commercially unavailable and tailored to suit your needs include Trans-dermal gels, topical wound gels, dermatological creams, nail solutions and a lot of others. Compounding medication are easily administered which is one of the advantages it gives over commercially produced medications.

At Foothills Pharmacy, we are committed to making sure you get the cream, ointments, gel, solutions, suspensions, and suppositories you need to treat yourself. We are accessible, available and reliable all you need do is contact us on our website, it’s what makes us the best

Our personnel is readily available to help you with every information you need regarding the medication.  At Foothills Pharmacy, we are aimed at making sure you get your medication with ease and without stress.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • Are these medications affordable?

At Foothills, we provide an affordable option to get all sorts of compounding medications of cream, ointment, gels, Suspensions, and suppositories.

  • Can I make an order online without prescription?

This particular answer is no. It is not advisable to take any sort of medication without a prescription. The prescription must be made readily available in order to be made. As long as the prescription is made we are committed to making medication readily available. We also offer free home delivery meds.


Our team of experienced personnel and pharmacists also provide assistance to any individual in getting compounded medication other than cream, ointment, gels, suspensions, Suppositories and pain compounds. We also provide prescription refills and are always available to help you without much stress.

If you are unable to connect with us on our website, you can reach our landline at our establishment at (480) 496-4444.


Women in search of hormone replacement therapy and assistance with medical weight loss need not look further than us at Foothills pharmacy as we have you totally covered.

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Consult us today and learn more about what we have to offer you. Do not hesitate to visit our address today and speak to a member of our personnel who is always there to help you out. It is a trip you will surely not regret. Our establishment is at 4545 E Chandler Boulevard, Suite #100, Phoenix Arizona.