Foothills Pharmacy is a Nationwide leading specialty and compounding pharmacy. Our innovative pharmacy solutions are designed to deliver patients and health care providers with customized prescription medications and modern laboratory services. Keeping our patients is our #1 priority by dedicating our efforts to continue delivering the highest quality products and services, while decreasing health systems cost.  Foothill Pharmacy’s management team has over 100 years of combined healthcare experience in various settings to ensure you obtain the best pharmacy solutions to optimize your health.

Foothills Pharmacy has recognized the importance of accreditations and continues to set high standards in demonstrating trust, quality, innovation, value and commitment to our patients and providers.

Why Use our Pharmacy Services?

  • Compliance and Regulations
    • Clear and Active State Board of Pharmacy Inspection Reports
    • Comprehensive Fraud, Waste and Abuse Programs
    • Licensed in 23+ States
  • Superior Pharmacy Quality and FDA Approved Chemicals
  • Independent 3rd Party Testing (Sterility, Endotoxin, Potency Tests)
  • State of the Art Laboratory
  • Full Service Pharmacy
  • A+ Rated Customer Service Staff