Sermorelin Therapy

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Sermorelin is a peptide solution. The peptides are small analogue chains of amino acids which are made artificially or naturally in our body. Our hair, skin, nails, etc. contain peptides. Peptide helps in the body for restoring copper in the skin.

Sermorelin hormone is specifically used for the growth releasing. If the patient has a hormonal deficiency with respect to growth hormones, sermorelin therapy is used. Sermorelin is the short and a completely functional part of GHRH. The trade name of Sermorelin is Gerel and Geref. Sermorelin therapy is given in the form of injectables and not by way of oral medicines.

Sermorelin Therapy helps in better function of the overall health of the body. The therapy is used with the help of pituitary gland for increasing the human growth hormone production.

The best part of sermorelin therapy is it is very safe and does not have any side-effects because it helps in the production of growth hormones naturally. This makes sermorelin therapy one of the most popular therapy for the purpose of treating growth hormones.


Sermorelin Therapy is useful in many ways. Below are some highlights:

  • Skin Look:

The therapy is useful for better and improved skin look. Sermorelin hormone has anti-ageing properties. It helps in reducing the wrinkles of the skin, make it elastic, more firmer and smoother.

  • Better for Heart Function:

Research showed that Sermorelin therapy is also useful for the patients having cardiovascular disorders. It helps in functions of the heart effectively by way of relaxing the vessels which helps travel the blood more efficiently.

  • Reduce pain in Muscle and Joint:

Sermorelin therapy is mainly applied to the growth hormonal problems, and hence it helps in reduction of the pain in muscle and joint.

  • Reduce extra fat of the body:

If the level of human growth hormones reduces in the body, it has a direct effect on increasing the fat in the body. By injecting new growth hormones by way of sermorelin therapy, the extra fat of the body gets reduced.

  • Useful in case of low libido:

Low level of growth hormones has many impacts including the decreasing the level of libido. It helps specifically in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in male patients.

  • Increase Energy:

As an individual age, one must observe and feel a reduction in energy. Sermorelin Therapy helps and makes the replacement of old hormones with the new hormones. This helps in increasing the energy.

  • Better Sleep:

Sermorelin Therapy helps in having a better sleep at night. Sleep helps in producing new human growth hormones. If an individual is not able to sleep adequately, the body cannot produce the number of growth hormones naturally.

Sermorelin therapy is also performed at a lower cost than human growth hormone therapy and so it became a common alternative to human growth hormone therapy. Sermorelin therapy starts showing results in short time. The above benefits are starts showing in the patient.

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