Scar Treatment & Post Surgery Cream

Diversified in various services, Foothills Professional Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies in Phoenix. We make our patients feel comfortable at our pharmacy while making a diagnosis of your diseases. Foothills Pharmacy believes in utmost care of their patients. Patients are part of our family.

Our portfolio of services includes various compounding and other treatments including Scar Treatment. A scar is a spot which remains even after injuries such as wound, sore or burn heals completely. Our body’s normal skin is replaced by the fibrous tissue. It is a natural process. The scar is nothing but a collagen. It replaces the damaged body skin. The developed collagen tissue is usually less resistant to an environment in comparison to the normal body skin.

Upon your visit to the Foothills Professional Pharmacy, our team of professional doctors shall follow the below-mentioned procedures.


Scar Diagnosis:

Our professional doctor shall ask you several questions to diagnose overall health and in particular to the scar. How it is emerged and since how long it is etc.

There are different types of scars depending on injury type. The treatment differs in each case. The followings are the type of scars;

  • Atrophic Scar
  • Navel Scar
  • Striae also referred as Stretch Marks
  • Keloid Scar

After making an assessment, our doctor shall suggest the possible surgery or medication apply on the scar.


Scar Treatment:

Many a time patients’ delays in curing the scar on the skin and because of this reason it becomes difficult to remove a scar from body. Early treatment helps remove the scar effectively from the body.

Below are some of the popular treatments available for curing the scar;

  • Surgery:

Sometimes our doctor suggests a surgery. Under this surgery, a scar is replaced by our body skin of the other part. In this process, the professional doctor cut the scar. Once the scar is removed, gradually new skin automatically forms over time.

  • Corticosteroid:

Our professionals may suggest, injections of corticosteroid in the scar which reduces the scarred spot. One should always consult professional before using the steroids.

  • Laser Treatment:

It is one of the most popular methods to remove the scar. Ablative types of laser which are carbon dioxide etc. are used while undergoing the laser treatment. The use of CO2 is an absorption of water while undergoing treatment.  A light with high energy is used on the scar. There are many different type of methods used to remove the scars.

  • Graft the damaged skin:

These grafts are small parts of the normal skin which replaces the damaged skin. At first, the scar is removed and after that, it is filled with the normal skin. This therapy is suggested when the scar is extensive.

  • Chemical Pill:

When the scar is on the small body area and only on the surface of the skin, this treatment is recommended. Under this treatment, the chemical is spread on a damaged skin which reduces the effect of a scar.

  • Injections:

Sometimes, hyaluronic acid and collagen are used in the form of injection and injected on the scar to reduce the impact of the soft scars.

  • Cryosurgery

This surgery is used to remove the excess part of the damaged skin which removes the scar. Liquid nitrogen is used for this treatment which freezes the scar and it dries itself. Once the skin outer layer dries itself it is easily removed from the body skin.

  • Cosmetic Creams:

If you are looking for best and effective creams which do not have any side effects on the skin than Foothills Pharmacy is the right choice. For small and minor scar, our doctors suggest the creams be applied on the scar.

Being one of the best in the city, Foothills Pharmacy is accredited by Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.

Above surgeries are just indicative. There are numerous surgeries and treatments available at Foothills Pharmacy. We suggest the best applicable to our patients on a case to case basis. We deliver the medication without any extra charge to your desired locations.

All the professionals’ surgeries are performed under the supervision of local anaesthetics.

Upon successful completion of the treatment, our doctors shall suggest you the best post-surgery cream to apply on the scar for effective results.

Unlike other drug chain store, Foothill Pharmacy is independent compounding pharmacy near you. Being an independently owned pharmacy, we are very close to our patients. We deliver beyond our patient’s expectations. Are you looking for quick service and friendly care, come and have your treatment done at Foothills Professional Pharmacy.