Routine Vaccine Administration

The world has become a dangerous place to live in, a number of pathogens and viruses revolving all around the corner, we have a greater chance to fall ill and be detected with a number of harmful diseases. With Foothills Pharmacy, there’s no need to worry. At Foothills Pharmacy We provide routine administration of a vaccine. 

Routine vaccine administration is one of the most important things one needs to follow. Pathogens and viruses are so small and microscopic it becomes impossible for the human eye to detect their presence. Hence undetectable by our eyes, they can cause a variety of diseases, which in some cases can prove to fatal.  In such cases, one thing we need to do is to have a routine vaccination. At Foothills Pharmacy, we provide a number of vaccines.


What is a vaccine?

Vaccination is a process of injecting weakened or dead pathogens into our body; as a result, the weakened pathogen mimics the original pathogen causing the infection. Our body is not able to differentiate between the original and weakened pathogen and fights for any infection, or harm done by the pathogen. Due to the mimicking of the weakened pathogen, our body is fully prepared to fight if any original pathogen of the same kind enters our body. 

Vaccination is something that is very important for the newborn babies. Babies immune system is not that developed and may lack the immunity to fight against the deadly pathogen causing diseases. Parents should be very obedient in making sure that the babies have their routine administration of the vaccines. We at Foothills Pharmacy provide a well-maintained chart of all the vaccines that need to be administered to the baby.  Some of the most important vaccinations provided by our Pharmacy are:


Pneumonia is a very deadly disease for the newborn babies. The symptoms usually include a whooping cough, fever, etc. One should not forget to give the vaccine for pneumonia under the age of 2 years.


Shingles are the painful skin rash affected to the people around the age of 50 years. It is a disease caused by the virus which causes chicken pox as well. Many people around the age of 60 years get affected by shingles.  Around the age of 50 years, one should make sure that get the shingles vaccine to prevent them from the pain, skin rashes and blisters.


Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis

Diphtheria, Tetanus, and pertussis vaccine is also known DTP vaccination is very important to be given to the newborn babies. As lack of the vaccines is one of the most important reasons for the death of babies in the first months of their lives. So basically there are two types of vaccines for the above: DTaP and Tdap. The main difference is that DTaP is given to the children under the age of 7 to develop immunity to the above-said disease. And Tdap is given to the children above the age of 11.


This vaccination is very important to prevent the polio virus. It is administered in the children in four stages the first dose is at 2 months, then 4 months and then between 6 months to 18 months. There are two types of vaccines; IPV (Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine) and the second one is OPV (Oral Poliovirus Vaccine)


Chickenpox is one of the common diseases that can be easily spread through body contact or even through a sneeze. Although, the disease is not life-threatening a vaccine can be a better option as no one wants to be ill. The vaccine given for chicken pox is also called varicella vaccine as it is caused by the varicella virus.


Meningitis is a disease which causes the inflammation of the lining of the brain. The disease is very common among the teenagers. Meningitis is usually given at the age of 11 and 18 years. It basically consists of two dosages. The advised dose is at 11 years and the other does is at 16 years.


Hepatitis A

It affects the functioning of the liver. As a result of Hepatitis, A, the liver is inflamed due to damage to the tissues. The common method to prevent the disease is by taking a vaccine. The vaccine usually consists of two shots. The second shot is usually administered after 6 months of the initial shot. All children are advised to be vaccinated by the age of 12- 23 years.

Hepatitis B

The hepatitis B is not related to hepatitis A in any way, it is spread through sexual contact or blood transfusion, unlike hepatitis A which can spread through physical contact. The vaccine is really necessary in case of hepatitis B as in many cases the diseases become not curable and proves to be fatal. The vaccine is given usually between 1- 6 months of age.


The vaccine is given for the disease of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella hence got the name M-M-R. It is a childhood vaccination given around the age of 1 year and the second dose is given around the age of 4 –5 years.



Rabies is usually caused when one is usually exposed to the bite of an animal. There are both pre-exposure and post-exposure vaccines available. Pre-exposure vaccines for those who have greater chances for the exposure of animals and post-exposure are for those who have already bitten by an animal. One should be very careful and should seek immediate care as soon as bitten by any animal.


Flu shot 

Flu can be detected in adults, babies, and pregnant women and hence one should get the yearly vaccines of the flu to lower the chances of flu. The vaccine is usually given yearly. 

We at foothills Pharmacy provide all the necessary vaccine that you might require to keep yourself healthy and fit. With routine charts, we make it possible for the process of vaccination to become easier and efficient.  At foothills Pharmacy, we make sure that you get all the possible guidance and advice that you might require for taking any vaccine. With our well-qualified professionals, we ensure to make this place a better place to live in, with less transmission of diseases.

One should not forget that vaccines are really important for maintaining a disease-free life. 

Hence with Foothills Pharmacy, we make sure that you live a disease-free life. 

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