We Offer MED-SYNC program

Located in Phoenix, Foothills professional pharmacy is the number one nationwide pharmacy in providing various services to retail as well as wholesale customers. The major services are listed as below;

  • Compounding of medicines
  • Veterinary drug compounding
  • Pain compounds
  • Dermatology and anti aging solutions
  • Hormones replacement therapy
  • Ophthalmologic solutions including eyelash growth
  • Weight Loss techniques
  • Erectile dysfunction Viagra and low libido
  • Providing pre and post-surgical equipment

The Foothills professional pharmacy offers medication synchronization programs simply med-sync programs.


What is a med-sync program?

It may so happen that you may need to visit the pharmacy frequently during the month for your medical needs. The med-sync program simply means a program offered by the pharmacy to synchronize the prescription refill for a particular day of the month as per the convenience of the patient.

Med-sync program best suits the patient who has a chronic disease and taking multiple monthly ongoing medications. Though, it is available to all.

It aims for alignment in pick-up or delivery process.

Foothills professional pharmacy offers the med-sync program. By this way, we save the pick-up time of the patient as well as the cost of transportation.


How does it work?

It is very simple. Upon your visit to Foothills, you just need to speak our staff executive there and we will set up the med-sync program that best suits you.

Foothills professional pharmacy uses software for medication synchronization. It helps in streamlining the prescriptions without any chances of error. Further, multiple prescriptions can be managed easily through our software.

One important thing to note here is that some medicines do not suit in the med-sync program. These are inhalers and controlled substances. Hence, it is also not necessary to include all the medications in the med-sync program only.


Why Foothills Pharmacy?

  • Personalized care and attention

Foothills professional pharmacy has a dedicated team of pharmacists who always works very closely with the customer. We have an appointment-based model for medication synchronization. We make your visit the best experience. For each visit, we offer you something beyond the medications and excellent services. Our aim is to provide the best medical care with the personalized attention to each and every patient.

  • Delivery of drugs

Further, once your med-sync plan is set up, Foothills delivers at your doorstep. Our customer shall update your delivery location. You shall get the medications at a specified date. We deliver the drugs free of cost. We do not charge anything for delivery.

  • Independent

Foothills professional pharmacy is independent in Phoenix. Being an independent we are nimble. Unlike the other drug chains, foothills pharmacy is committed to striving and providing the excellent patient care services. Out owners are occasionally in touch with the patients to make them feel home. This feature makes us the best pharmacy near you.

Over years, we observed that synchronizing the medicines and arrange the pickup and delivery has a considerable effect. Moreover, in case of delivery of drugs, it saves the cost of pharmacy.

Our aim is to make our patients more aware that how valuable is the med-sync program to the health of the patient and thereby leveraging the relationship with our patients. Foothills professional pharmacy deals only with the best brands medicines. We procure the medicines directly from the pharmaceutical companies and thereby our medicines are more affordable.

Foothills professional pharmacy believes in providing exceptional and outstanding patient care. Our team of pharmacists and nurses are always passionate about helping the patient in the best possible way and providing value-added services.

Foothills pharmacy is the best choice when it comes to selecting a good pharmacy for your prescription refills. When you create an alliance with foothills pharmacy, the best pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona, you join a community that is motivated towards providing the best quality in care at affordable prices while still keeping up with the ever-evolving medical world.