Full Home Health Department

Foothills Pharmacy is committed to making our patients and health care providers our first priority. Based in the Phoenix area, we operate the nation’s best specialty and compound pharmacy. Our innovative solutions allow us to meet the specific needs of our patients with our specialty customized medications. They contain no dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol; reducing the filler content exponentially. Only through compounding can we achieve truly unique dosing methods to promote better responses to medications for our patients.

Our drugs are not commercially produced, ensuring benefits that cannot be found in most mass produced medications. Foothills Pharmacy adheres to strict standards and regulations, and we excel in meeting the industry’s highest of standards. This allows compound pharmacies like ours to deliver medications in dosage forms unavailable commercially. At Foothills, our team is backed by over 100 years of experience to ensure the best pharmacy solutions and services to our patients.


Our Home Health Services

Foothills Pharmacy offers Full Home Health services to patients of all ages and needs. With a full service pharmacy, state of the art laboratory, independent 3rd party testing, and A+ rated staff, we are able to offer a wide range of services with an emphasis on superior pharmacy quality. Our comprehensive Home Health Department focuses on home health and private duty services, pediatric care, and specialty infusion.

In addition, our full service pharmacy offers nationwide service to over 40 states to ensure that patient requests are met for the duration of medical treatment at home. Some of our services include:

  • Home Delivery – Foothills Pharmacy can deliver specialty medications directly to your door after your hospital stay.
  • Meds to Beds – Our Meds to Beds Rx Program provides delivery right to your bedside after discharge.
  • Medical Equipment – Foothills Pharmacy is happy to assist our patients with improving their quality of life at home. We provide quality equipment, and we will special order it for you if we do not have it. 
  • Vitamins and Supplements – Thanks to our unique compounds, we can create custom solutions based on the optimum health profile of our patients. We can also meet your needs by special ordering from over 2,000 products.

Our nationwide delivery service is free of charge, and we are committed to patient satisfaction.


Other Services

At Foothills, we use our state of the art compounding technology to provide medications for a variety of patient needs. Our customized medications aid in everything from pain management to hormonal therapy. Some of our areas of expertise include dermatology, urology, weight loss therapy, and prescription transfers.

Our pharmacists can customize individualized treatments to cover a wide range of treatment plans, including those that pertain to:

  • Pain – Foothills Pharmacy has specialized pharmacists who will work with your physician to create a personalized treatment for managing your pain. Our special compounds are topical, allowing high concentrations of medication to target and sooth the exact location of pain.
  • Scar Treatment – Pride our pharmacy on being one of the best in the city, especially for our cosmetic scar creams. Foothills Pharmacy offers the best in creams with no side effects.
  • Ophthalmic Compounds – Applying pre/post surgical treatment is easier than ever with our special bottle compounds. Our pharmacists have combined the most common ophthalmic drops into one location for ultimate ease and convenience.
  • Sermorelin Therapy – Sermorelin therapy is a safe anti-aging solution that aids in better function and overall health. Foothills Pharmacy provides the best in sermorelin therapy and at a lower cost to the patients than human growth therapy.
  • Medication Management- Foothills Pharmacy offers a free pillbox program for patients who fill more than 5 prescriptions in order to help with medication management.
  • Personalized Wound Care – By working with MicroGenDX, Foothills Pharmacy is able to provide patients with personalized medications for proper wound care. The MicroGenDX labs offer the best in DNA sequencing, isolating specific organisms that are contributing to a patient’s disease.

The list of services at Foothills Pharmacy could go on and on. Our goal is to provide the best services that compounding can offer to our patients. We want to ensure that their needs at home are met. Whether you want to grow natural eyelashes, remove warts, or simply refill your medications, Foothills Pharmacy has you covered. With our innovative technology, our Home Health Department, and our comprehensive list of customized treatment options, our patients receive the best benefits that commercial manufacturers are not able to provide. 

With our pharmacy licensed in over 40 states, you can be sure that we are dedicated to providing value and commitment to our patients.

Foothills pharmacy is the best choice when it comes to selecting a good pharmacy for your prescription refills. When you create an alliance with foothills pharmacy, the best pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona, you join a community that is motivated towards providing the best quality in care at affordable prices while still keeping up with the ever-evolving medical world.