Erectile Dysfunction

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is the conditions in which the male patient experiences difficulties during sexual activity. The patient is not able to maintain the erection of penis or does not get the erection required to perform the sexual activity. The erectile dysfunction is usually a chronic disease. Usually, self-diagnosis is possible for these symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction is usually seen in the age of 20 and above. As the age is higher, so as the chances of the erectile dysfunction is higher. It is very much common in the age of fifty and plus.


What are the common causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Diabetes:

If the patient is suffering from diabetes, it is often seen that he gets the problem of erectile dysfunction.

  • Blood Pressure:

If the patient has any diseases related to the cardiovascular system of the body, it affects the sexual health of the person.

  • Hormone Imbalance:

Patients which has hormonal imbalance normally has a higher chance of erectile dysfunction. Normally these patient lacks hypogonadism hormone.

  • Side effects of medications:

Some medications cause the complications in patients, which results in erectile dysfunction.

  • Obesity:

If the patient is overweight, suffering from obesity has a higher probability of erectile dysfunction than the patient who is not overweight.

The treatment is possible with the help of sexologist for the patient who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. The cause of the erectile dysfunction has to be evaluated first before the patient is undergoing any treatment.


What is the possible treatment available for erectile dysfunction?

Below are some of the possible treatments;

  • Physical Exercise:

First and foremost is the physical exercise. If the patient suffering from erectile dysfunction do physical exercise such as aerobics etc. on at least 30 minutes for 5 days of the week. It improves the physical health and fitness of the patient.

  • Avoid Smoking:

If the patient is having the disorder of erectile dysfunction, he shall avoid smoking habits. Smoking harms the health and affects the sexual life of the person.

  • Avoid much alcohol:

Patient of erectile dysfunction shall avoid taking too much alcohol. The number of researchers has shown that taking much alcohol affects the health of your penis. Too much alcohol results in severe and chronic erectile dysfunction.

  • Nutrition:

Prefer green vegetables and food which has proteins, antioxidants, lycopene, zinc, nitrates to improve all immune system of the patient.

  • Medication:

It is recommended to visit the physician. If the diseases are chronic and severe than it is advisable to visit the sexologist who is the expert in this field.

A medication which regulates the functions of the organs and improves the circulation of the blood vessels helps in reducing the effects of erectile dysfunction.


Below are some of the medications which improve the blood flows in the entire body and penis to help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  1. Vardenafil
  2. Tadalafil
  3. Avanafil
  4. Sildenafil
  5. Alprostadil
  6. Testosterone

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